Saturday, October 11, 2008

A little bit about Girls World...

Here's just a bit of info about Girls World and it's editors:

Girls World Magazine was created by two bffs in December 2007.Grace and Kaeley have been bffs for a year. We decided to make a magazine in November of 2007.We had it all planned out.It would be a monthly magazine with celebrity gossip, Tips, Sport collumns,news,a question collumn,recipies, and much more.We originally decided to make it a email club, but we concidered other options like a world wide website.We were struggling to find a good website for our homepage. Then we found Blogger. Since then, we have been trying to make the best magazine possible. We work together and share the "fame" and so far, Girls World has been a success! We hope to keep this web going for a while. If you have any questions or comments please sign my or Grace's comments!

Kaeley- Girls World Magazine Editor


What's up viewers?! Thanks for reading Girls World Magazine! So we couldn't fit ALL this fun stuff in ONE issue per month, so this is BONAS Girls World Magazine Stuff! We'll call it "Behind the Scenes with Girls World". This will have stuff that didn't exactly make the cut for our magazine, but we didn't want to forget it! Here's the OFFICIAL Girls World Magazine site: